How to book a talent?

Atypical Advantage is India’s only platform for people with disabilities, where you can buy paintings and several other products, hire singers, models, musicians, motivational speakers, sign language interpreters, massager, photographer, bands as per your requirements. If you are a person with a disability, you can sign up to get amazing opportunities to showcase your talent, freelancing assignments and shows.

Get set to Hire
We have been receiving overwhelming requests from corporates/individuals to know the process of booking an Atypical Talent. This quick guide will elaborate on the same. Don’t worry, Atypical Advantage never charges any amount from the corporate or the Talent so that you can book/hire talent completely free of cost. Our platform is here to increase livelihood and provide opportunities for the world to soak in the infinite potential of people with Disabilities (PWD).

Look at the abilities of people and not their Disabilities.

1.Visit and click on ‘Hire Talent’ option to browse through the categories on the website.

2. After landing on the Categories section of the website, you will find a diverse range of talents from singers, dancers, musicians to physiotherapists, graphic designers and models. You can click on the category you want to browse and move onto the next step.

3. As an example, the image shows the ‘Dancers’ category of our website. You can go through the profiles of the talents and select the person who aligns with your requirements.

4. To ease the process, you can filter your search according to your budget, the city you live in or the city where the event is held and gender. This will help in refining the search results and hence, you will be able to find the perfect fit for your event. In the image below, you can see that the search has been filtered on the basis of the city, i.e. New Delhi.

5. Filtering the search further and coming to ‘Graphic Designers’, you can see that the search has been refined on the basis of category and gender. You can click on ‘See More’ to view the comprehensive profile of the talent and look for yourself what skills they possess.

6. After clicking on ‘See More’ to view the full profile, on the following page, you can see the talent tags which represent their unique skills and talents. You can also read the short bio about the talent to know more about their experience and their journey. On the left side, the images portray the work done by the talent.

7. The profile will also mention the service cost of the talent and their residing location. You can also see their published works under the section ‘Talent at a Glance’ and the ‘Disability’ section mentions their disability. To book the talent, you can click on ‘Book a Talent’ and follow the next steps.

8. After you choose to book a talent, you will have to fill this small form and type in your details. You have to choose the date of the event or when do you require the service under the ‘Date’ section. In ‘Description’, you can mention what the task is and any other relevant details which help the talent in knowing what is expected of them.

9. After successfully filling the details, you will receive an email that will confirm your enquiry for the talent. An email will be sent to the talent as well, informing them of the same. They will get in touch with you and work out the details of the job.

You’re all set! The process is really easy and straightforward. We hope you book a talent from Atypical Advantage soon and see for yourself how incredibly talented and skilled they are. For any further enquiry or doubts, you can reach out to us at

Atypical Advantage is Planet’s first Talent platform for People with Disabilities. Explore our website to hire diverse talent, shop for productsmade by people with disabilities, browse through exquisitely curated art. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, read more about us on our blog, sign up for mentorship, volunteer with us or feel free to contribute here.

Until next time,
Your Atypical Buddy!

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